Back Office Systems

Technology has changed the way software is delivered, maintained and used. Unfortunately many are still using systems based on old platforms and paying far more than they should, perhaps not initially, but to get everything that is required and for adequate support it is a fact that older systems are generally high maintenance. And that means increased costs for your operation.

We have extensive experience in the delivery of software into the notice processing operation and recognise the complexities involved. We also feel that systems should be lightweight and easy to configure and contain good workflow options that bring out the best in your team.

e-street is working with industry innovators to bring the next generation of feature rich software solutions to the parking back office. Our solutions are cloud based and can be delivered through a SaaS model. This means that you don’t need to spend on datacentres and networks but can get a fully customised solution without a lot of the upfront cost and complexity.

Our software system suppliers have been working hard in the background to develop better products for the Uk and beyond. With good exposure internationally our solutionscan be multilingual and adapt to progression paths that suit the client. Users find our solutions intuitive and easy to use as we work with them to understand their ways of working.

Reporting has become an easy thing to manage. Authorised users can drag and drop to create bespoke management information and the results can be seen as tables as well as diagrams that are easy to interpret.

The enforcement team benefit from a truly integrated solution that provides them with instant information and location data through the latest smartphones and ruggedized handhelds.