Enforcement Solutions

With all the innovation we have at our fingertips we can help you do things better on and off street. for example, integrating our virtual permit solution with our cloud based software solution will allow you to deploy next generation mobile ANPR solutions that can dramatically reduce the time taken to enforce in your area.

Our chosen ANPR solutions have been designed to work harder than ever before. They contain higher computer processing power and better cameras that can detect possible contraventions and relay that information to the nearest CEO (Civil Enforcement Officer) or to your control room. An enforcement beat can be monitored and improved, as managers will be able to view activity on interactive online maps on a screen or even on a portable tablet. Workloads can be assigned and changed and reports can be generated to provide management information at the touch of a button.

e-street is also working with leading telecommunications companies to leverage the future in smartphones and mobile networks for the parking operation. We can offer a multitude of enforcement applications for use on a range of platforms that can interface with any back office operation.

Our consultancy team can train your staff and even advise on recruitment. This specialist team has extensive experience in working with the vCA to approve ANPR vehicles and can train your team on all modes of enforcement such as attended, unattended or spotter. They will spend the time programming your vehicles to match your traffic regulation orders and develop an end to end enforcement solution that meets the specific needs of your roads.