Permit Solutions





Let’s make it snappy.
Technology is changing all the time. Residents and businesses expect more from public services and so they should. Through technology we can do more now than ever before and at e-street we want to bring these advantages through to your citizens.

How long?
Many residents and businesses apply for their permits by sending documents through the post but here at e-street we are working with various organisations to automate validation and take the application process online. Through smarter channels we can take an application through to completion and register a virtual permit within a centralised database.

Your customers can renew, reapply and administer their permits online. They can even use smartphone apps using their mobile phone. This means that they are happier and you save on costs at the same time.

What else?
We can also provide visitors permits in the same way. Once a resident in on the virtual permit solution they can allocate virtual visitor permits as and when needed, all in accordance with your business rules of course.

Cutting edge technology
We provide clever solutions using a world class supply chain to bring the best to your operation. We work with the likes of experian, IBM and Adaptis to provide online channels that allow people to contact us over the phone or through the Internet. And they can still use postal channels if they need to.

What then?
We deploy the latest mobile Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology that patrols your streets and can detect contraventions automatically. If a car is spotted without a valid permit on the database then our solution can notify the nearest Civil enforcement Officer (CeO) and even manage his/her workload.

What next?
e-street is making it easier and cheaper to enforce your current zones giving you an efficient way of enhancing current operations, extending Controlled Parking Zones (CPZ’s) or putting in place new ones without the need to spend more administering permit schemes.

e-street is working with a number of London Boroughs in providing this solution and would welcome the opportunity to come and talk to you. contact us