Processing & Customer Service

We feel that the back office processing operation is at the heart of a parking service. We appreciate that our clients spend considerable effort in providing a good service to residents, businesses and others. The perception that is held on or off street can often be managed by good customer handling skills and it is this skill that our team prides itself on.

e-street works with the worlds largest and most recognised solution providers, such as IBM, to finally bring a world class service to parking that has previously been reserved for the biggest operations. Our centres can be Uk based and can flex to accommodate anything from a handful to hundreds of staff. All are trained in the delivery of a complex processing services and are continuously re-trained to ensure service is kept at its best.

We apply thought and careful consideration when assessing the needs of our clients. We actively monitor channel demand to ensure that the capacity of our service centre is at its optimum. This is important to ensure that any peaks are absorbed without impact on customer service levels.

Local government bodies are becoming increasingly interested in the possibility of shared services and it is here that we can really excel. The scale and breadth or experience that we can offer will make the difference between success and failure.

e-street is also providing feature rich cloud based interactive voice response solutions that can scale up and down to match demand. The team will work diligently to create intelligent process flows that ensure a positive experience and reduce the impact on your customer service team.